How Does Laser Dentistry Work? Bournemouth Experts Explain

Laser dentistry is a modern dental technology that utilises laser beams to perform various dental procedures. Laser dentistry is becoming increasingly popular because it is non-invasive and less painful. Bournemouth dentists are widely using laser dentists in bournemouth dentistry to treat various dental conditions such as gum diseases, teeth whitening, root canal therapy, and even some forms of oral cancer.

The concept of laser dentistry is relatively new. The first FDA approved laser was introduced in the late 1990s. Since then, several different types of lasers have been developed to treat different types of dental conditions.

Laser dentistry procedures can be divided into two categories: hard tissue and soft tissue procedures. Hard tissue procedures involve the use of lasers to prepare cavities, remove decay, and prepare teeth for various dental procedures. On the other hand, soft tissue procedures involve the use of lasers to treat gum diseases, remove gum tissues, and contour the gumline.

Hard tissue procedures

Hard tissue procedures use dental lasers to treat teeth, bone, and other hard tissues within the oral cavity. The most common hard tissue procedures done using laser dentistry include cavity treatment and removal, preparation of dental fillings, and teeth whitening.

Dental lasers of specific wavelengths and power levels can be used to treat different types of dental problems. Erbium lasers are commonly used for hard tissue procedures. They are highly efficient and gentle in their operation and can be used to treat cavities, remove old dental restorations, and prepare teeth for crowns and other dental prostheses.

Soft tissue procedures

Soft tissue procedures are those that involve the use of lasers to treat gum diseases, sculpt gum tissue, and contour the gumline. Lasers have proven to be highly effective in treating various types of gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

Gingivitis is a mild gum disease that is characterised by gum inflammation and bleeding. Advanced cases of gingivitis can lead to severe gum diseases such as periodontitis. Gum diseases can easily be treated using lasers. Laser dentistry effectively removes diseased gums, kills bacteria and prevents further damage to the gums.

Laser dentistry also helps to contour the gumline. Laser beams can be used to remove excess gum tissue and produce a more symmetrical gumline that enhances the aesthetic appearance of teeth.

Advantages of laser dentistry

Laser dentistry offers several advantages over traditional dentistry. Firstly, the use of laser beams in dentistry procedures results in less bleeding during the procedure. Additionally, dental lasers have the capability of sterilising the contact area, which results in minimal risk of infection or cross-contamination. Laser procedures allow for faster healing as there is less trauma to the tissues.

Another advantage of laser dentistry is the precision of the laser beam. Dental lasers are capable of targeting specific areas of the oral cavity that require treatment and can do so with minimal collateral tissue damage.

While laser dentistry is costlier than traditional dentistry, the benefits of the procedure outweigh the costs for many people. Patients who undergo laser dental procedures experience less discomfort, minimal bleeding and faster healing times. Therefore, it is an ideal option for those that need to minimise the risk or pain associated with dental procedures.

Final thoughts

Laser dentistry is a groundbreaking technology that has revolutionised the dental industry. Dental laser procedures are becoming increasingly popular due to their numerous benefits, which includes minimal bleeding, fast healing, and fewer dental visits. Additionally, these procedures can respectfully be done with less pain and discomfort, hence improving a patient’s chair time.

Bournemouth dentists are highly trained and experienced in laser dentistry. They ensure that patients receive the appropriate laser treatment that matches their unique dental needs. If you are looking for a dental clinic that offers laser dentistry near you, contact your nearest dental office in Bournemouth, and you’ll have an opportunity to experience the wonders of advance dental care.